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Ujście Warty National Park

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Located near the Western border of Poland where Warta river joins the Oder, the Ujście Warty National Park is one of the largest bird reserves in Europe and a major breeding site for water and marsh birds. Stretched between Kostrzyń, Słońsk and Witnica, the Park covers an area of nearly 8.000 ha ( 80 km2) of wetlands, floodplains and wet meadows along the river valley. Seasonal changes of water level reach up to 4 meters and peak in March and April when the southern part of the Park becomes a giant lake.

The Park is a true paradise for ornithologists and birdwatchers as the area hosts 245 bird species of which 26 are listed by BirdLife International as rare and endangered. 174 species of birds breed in the Park including 8 species of ducks, aquatic warbler, bittern, corncrake, great white egret, gray heron, greylag goose, white-tailed eagle, goshawk, sparrowhawk and others. Some interesting mammals such as otters, badgers, ermines and beavers can also be spotted.

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