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These big birds – 1 m tall, weighting up to 4.5 kg – build huge nests on telephone-poles, rooftops, towers, chimneys, haystacks as well as specially constructed nest platforms. The nests can be as big as 2 m in diameter and 3 m deep. It is believed that some particularly large nests have been in use for hundreds of years.  
White storks are always welcome by their human neighbours. They are commonly believed to bring happiness and prosperity to a household as well as ... babies :) A white stork foraging for frogs, toads, insects, lizards, rodents, snakes and earthworms over the meadow is also a clear indication of a clean and healthy natural environment in the area.
Stork meadow Poland
stork in field Poland
White Stork
White Storks
White Storks nest
White Storks Poland
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