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Magda Dziadosz & Krzysztof Stasiak 
Polish Baltic coastline is over 700 km long and consists of sandy beaches and cliffs. In its western part, at the mouth of the Oder River (Polish: Odra), close to the German border, a group of islands is located including the two largest Usedom (Polish: Uznam) and Wolin and a number of smaller ones.  
Sunbathers enjoy wide, sandy beaches of Międzyzdroje and Dziwnów, while birders frequent fen mires, meadows and reed beds where aquatic warbler, white-tailed eagle, marsh, curlew and bearded tits breed.
Międzyzdroje pier
Baltic coast
The pier in Międzyzdroje
Cliffs reach up to 80 m of height
Przytór sedge
Wolin reed beds
A village among the sedges: Przytór
Wolin National Park (Polish: Woliński Park Narodowy) extends to most of the island
Świna river
Karsiborska Kępa
Boat trip on calm waters of the Świna River ...
.. to Karsiborska Kępa island - a natural reserve and bird sanctuary
Haliaeetus albicilla white eagle
Haliaeetus albicilla white eagle
The white-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) or Sea Eagle ...
... a raptor hunting for prey
cormorants Phalacrocorax
cormorants Hel
Cormorants at Hel peninsula
Baltic coast
Baltic coast sunset
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