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Photos from Warsaw

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Warsaw (Polish name: Warszawa) was established in the 13th century and in 1596 became the capital of Poland. It suffered from hostile enemies several times in its history including an almost complete destruction in 1944. It has been restored, rebuilt and developed since then.

As Poland's capital city, Warsaw is the seat of central government agencies, Central European headquarters of international companies, and a venue for important cultural events. With 6 major and 63 smaller Universities it is also the largest academic center in Poland. Inhabited by dynamic and hardworking people, Warsaw has been developing at a breathtaking pace.

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(1/24): The Castle Square with King Sigismund II Waza column (2/24): The Royal Castle at Plac Zamkowy (3/24): Warsaw by night (4/24): Nowy Rwiat street
(5/24): Portrait of the Pope John Paul II displayed in the Palace of Culture facade, the day of His funeral (6/24): Wilan•Đalace - residence of Polish kings (7/24): Wilan– style= (8/24): Wilan– style=
(9/24): Hang-glider's view (10/24): Hang-glider's view (11/24): View of the city centre from Wis3a river bank (12/24): Royal Castle and Old Town view from the river
(13/24): Palace of Culture (14/24): The Old Town (15/24): Saint Anna Church (16/24): Krakowskie PrzedmieScie
(17/24): The Old Town square (18/24): Plac Zamkowy (19/24): Freta Street (20/24): Barbakan
(21/24): Krakowskie PrzedmieScie (22/24): Adam Mickiewicz (23/24): Bristol Hotel (24/24): The Palm Tree
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