Magda Dziadosz & Krzysztof Stasiak  
Selected published translations:  
The Audit Manual Translation 
Kontrola Finansów Komunalnych (The Audit Manual
by Cooperation Fund, Warsaw, Poland  
Leonardo Project Translation 
by Cooperation Fund, Warsaw, Poland 
by Cooperation Fund, Warsaw, Poland 
(Enterprise Risk Management - Integrated Framework) 
by PIKW Polish Institure of Internal Audit 
Translations from English into Polish: 
  • Financing of Municipal Projects, edited by Prof. G. Marcou, Municipal Development Agency, 1998, 330 pages; 
  • Methodology of Poviat Budgets Financing, Tony Levitas, 1998, 60 pages; 
  • Education Management Manual, edited by Prof. H. Thomas, The British Know How Fund & FISE, 1998, 80 pages; 
  • Restructuring of Employment in the Steel Industry in the Light of Existing Regulations, Onsite's Final Report to the Government of the Republic of Poland, 1998, 30 pages; 
  • The Audit manual,  revised edition, The Cooperation Fund, 1998, 100 pages; 
  • The Audit Manual, first edition, The Cooperation Fund, 1996, 100 pages; 
  • Proposed Strategy and Restructuring Options for Housing Sector in Bielsko-Biala, A. Olson, PADCO Inc, 1996, 50 pages; 
  • Utilities Pricing in Poland, C. Revels, USAID Housing Finance and Municipal Advisory Program, 1997, 30 pages; 
  • The role and function of building societies: historical development in the United Kingdom and their relevance to Poland, for the State Office for Urban Development and Housing, 2001, 45 pages; 
  • Translations from Polish into English:  
  • Corporate Labor Agreement for the Steel Industry, 1998, 60 pages; 
  • Financial Analysis - Municipal Transport Company Łódź, sp. z o.o., Municipal Development Agency, 1997, 35 pages; 
  • Gmina Bielsko-Biała - Draft Housing Policy, Bielsko-Biała City Board, 1996, 50 pages; 
  • Competences professionelles, M. Hunin, Emergences, 1998, 30 pages, (translation from French into English); 
  • ABC of a Developer, A. Krupa, K. Staśkiewicz, PADCO, 1997, 150 pages; 
  • Project Management, LEM SC, 1997, 120 pages; 
  • Housing Policy for Szczecin, Miejska Pracownia Urbanistyczna, PADCO, 1996, 70 pages; 
  • Sustainable Tourism Development Strategy for the Upper Orawa Region, 2000, 25 pages; 
  • Acts of law (among other): on local government, municipal finance, employment and unemployment, environment protection, pricing system in water/wastewater sector, on chemical substances and preparations, draft reform of Poland's political system.  
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    Beksinski Translation 
    by James Cowan 
    published by  
    Morpheus International,  
    California, USA 
    Art Translation 
    by Anna Zabrzeska-Pilipajć 
    published by  
    Oficyna Wydawnicza Rytm,  
    Warsaw, Poland 
    Slania Translation 
    by Zygmunt K. Jagodziński 
    published by  
    Korporacja Polonia,  
    Warsaw, Poland 
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