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  • The EEA database about 600 English environmental terms with definitions and translations into 23 EEA-languages - także polski.
  • EPA Terminology Reference System a single resource of environmental terminology for the Agency by compiling collections of terms from EPA and other sources.
  • Superfund Glossary part of the Superfund Fact Book.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMICS GLOSSARY from the Environmental Valuation and Cost Benefit Website.
  • Glossary of Agri-Environmental Terms Polish-English, English-Polish
  • Glossary of Terms, Agencies, Laws and Organizations from The Foundation for Water and Energy Education
  • Solid Waste
  • Waste Management Glossary Technologies Contained within the Remediation PAM.
  • IAEA Glossary of Radioactive Waste Terms also PDF and ZIP versions available.
  • Mixed Waste Glossary both hazardous waste and radioactive waste
  • Household Waste Glossary from US Environment Protection Agency.
  • Bioenergy
    Urban Infrastructure
  • Glossary of Urban Infrastructure Maintenance The World Bank, English, French, Spanish.
  • Terminology for integrated resources planning and management The terminology included here aims to contribute to the development of a common technical language in land resources planning and management.
  • Water Management
  • Aqua Lingua a multilingual dictionary of technical words and expressions related to the water sector. Także polski!
  • Water Quality from Water Quality Association (look for Glossary link on the right hand side menu bar).
  • Water Quality and Waste Management Glossary - definitions of commonly used water quality and waste management terms.
  • Water Words Dictionary - A Compilation of Technical Water, Water Quality, Environmental, and Water-Related Terms (from Nevada Division of Water Resources)
  • Chemical Safety
  • The Material Safety Data Sheet - An Explanation of Common Terms
  • Chemical Safety risk phrases used in the countries of EU.
  • Chemical Safety Abbreviations and Acronyms International Occupational Safety and Health Information Centre (CIS).
  • Safety data sheet terminology from the Merck Chemical Databases.
  • Angielsko-polski Słownik pojęć Zintegrowanego Systemu Informacji na temat Ryzyka IRIS  (Integrated Risk Information System). Przeznaczeniem słownika  jest  pomoc w zrozumieniu terminów EPA w dziedzinie oszacowania ryzyka i reagowania na określone dawki substancji toksycznej  (dawka-reakcja)
  • Power & Energy
  • Słownik Regulatora Urzędu Regulacji Energetyki. Polish.
  • Słownik Rynku Energii Centrum Informacji o Rynku Energii. Polish.
  • Glossary of Energy Market Terms  - derived from various sources and supplemented with original definitions based on common usage in the power marketing industry, including terms introduced by the Enron controversy.
  • Słownik energoelektroniki — angielsko polski i polsko angielski
  • Electric Utility Terms contains more than 1,000 carefully researched and originally written terms commonly used in the industry, and their definitions.
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  • Electric Power Glossary - Generation, transmission, distribution
  • Illustrated glossary of electric power equipment This illustrated glossary contains definitions, photos, and graphic illustrations of equipment used in a typical electric power generation, transmission and distribution system.
  • Consumer Energy Glossary from California Energy Commission
  • Glossary of Energy Terms from California Energy Commission
  • Oregon Energy Glossary lists more than 600 technical terms associated with energy technologies. These definitions have been drawn from the fields of energy policy and development, forestry, biofuels, cogeneration, wastewater treatment and biogas production.
  • Photovoltaic Energy Terms a listing of terms used primarily in the PV industry, though the glossary includes some terms used in general renewable and some from the conventional energy world.
  • Wind & Sun - Glossary of terms commonly used in the photovoltaic industry
  • Wind Energy Glossary English German Spanish French Danish
  • Energy terms and definitions as used in EIA data, reports, presentations, and survey forms. Energy Information Administration, Official Energy Statistics from the U.S. Government
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  • Słownik nukleoniczny (8 języków)
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