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  • Medi-Lexicon A dictionary of over 70,000 medical, pharmaceutical, biomedical & healthcare acronyms and abbreviations.
  • Health encyclopaedia — from NHS Direct
  • MedTerms online medical dictionary is the medical reference for MedicineNet.com, containing easy-to-understand explanations of over 15,000 medical terms. This online medical dictionary provides quick access to hard-to-spell medical definitions through an extensive alphabetical listing
  • MedTerms medical
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  • E-Medicine Consumer Health - powered by Stedman's Medical Dictionary 27th edition 2003.
  • MEDICAL ABBREVIATIONS — related to dosage, directions for pharmacists, care takers. Includes also the “anatomy of prescription”.
  • A reference guide for medical and dental abbreviations — (click Abbreviations Glossary in the upper menu)
  • Glossary of Medical, Statistical and Clinical Research Terminology -  from National AIDS Treatment Activist Forum
  • The BioPharm Guide to BioTerminology - brings together in one place terms and acronyms from numerous technical, scientific, and engineering fields, such as chemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, engineering, facility design, CGMPs, regulatory affairs, and biotech patent law
  • Drug Info Names and description of drugs and medicines.
  • NCI Drug Dictionary - contains technical definitions and synonyms for more than 500 agents that are being used in the treatment of patients with cancer or cancer-related conditions. Search by either generic names or U.S. brand names, by IND Code, NSC code, and chemical structure name.
  • The A.D.A.M. Health Illustrated Encyclopedia over 4,000 articles about diseases, tests, symptoms, injuries, and surgeries. It also contains an extensive library of medical photographs and illustrations. US National Library of Medicine.
  • DrugDigest - definitions of almost 40,000 health- and drug-related terms
  • Skin Disease Glossary from The Skin Site TM
  • Dermatology Treatment Glossary from  The Skin Site TM
  • GLOSSARY OF EYE TERMINOLOGY - common terms -- symptoms, tests, treatments, surgery, diseases & conditions, anatomy -- eye doctors use.
  • Healthcare Terminology from US Department of Labor
  • Glossary of Terms Commonly Used in Health Care — divided into 3 sections: health care delivery and financing terms; epidemiological and statistical terms; and accounting and economic terms plus commonly used acronyms
  • Managed Care Terminology — from the US Department of Health & Human Services
  • Arnold's Glossary of Anatomy (University of Sydney)
  • SPINAL ANATOMY Glossary of Terms from La Jolla Spine Institute
  • Glossary of Skeletal Anatomy - Planes of the Body, Direction and Location,  Parts of the Human Skull, Bones of the Skull, Bone Morphology
  • Glossary of Genetic Terms -compiled by the Genetics Education Center, University of Kansas Medical Center
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